Solution manager (solman) helps in application life cycle management (ALM).


Above are different stages in an application life cycle management (ALM). During each stage, different teams spread across geography need to collaborate and share information. Since teams are scattered, they may not have knowledge of entire business process.

Any change in software application done by any team might impact application behavior. Hence each team should have complete knowledge of entire business process and corresponding system configuration. This complexity increases when there are multiple applications (SAP & non-SAP).

Hence there is a need for centralized data repository.

ALM tools facilitate central repository of all documents (business process, functional specification, technical specification, RICEF etc.)

Whenever any IT system change is done, document is updated thereby making sure that IT system remains in sync with business process.

ALM software suites

What is special about solution manager?

Consider in an organization where different geographies use different ALM tools for managing various SAP & non- SAP application. Getting a holistic view is still a challenge. SAP solman overcomes this challenge. SAP solman integrates all applications/ tools and provide holistic view from one single platform.

It enables keeping track of all the applications from one single platform.


Documentation is just one of several features offered by solman, there are many more features offered by solman.

SAP solution manager (solman)