What is company code global setting? Explain with example

Company code global setting refer to a set of parameters that needs to be maintained for a company code.

As we understand that company code is a legal entity for which books of accounts need to be maintained. Hence whenever any transaction happens, corresponding accounting documents need to be posted in the company code.

But before posting any document in the company code, below parameters need to be maintained for the company code:

company code global setting

Screenshot showing minimum parameters needed for posting an accounting document in the company code

Above parameters (as shown in picture) collectively is called as company code global setting

Fiscal year variant:

Fiscal year corresponds to financial year of accounting.

For example,

In India, financial year of accounting is 1st April to 31st March

In Europe, financial year of accounting is 1st Jan to 31st Dec

Financial year of accounting has 12 months. Each month is referred as a posting period in sap.

Fiscal year variant is used to supply below information to company code:

  • Start date and end date of financial year of accounting.
  • Number of normal posting periods and special posting periods.
  • Number of days in each posting period
fiscal year variant

Read about fiscal year variant in detail: http://sapconcepthub.com/fiscal-year-variant-explained/


Posting period variant

Posting period variant controls weather any accounting document can be posted in the period or not.

Document can be posted only in period which is open for posting.

Standard practice is to keep only current month posting period open for posting.

To restrict document posting in future months and previous months, corresponding posting periods are closed.

Hence accounting document posting in any company code can be allowed or disallowed in the period. This control is enabled by posting period variant which is assigned to company code.

posting period variant

Screenshot showing posting period variant

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Chart of account:

Assignment of operational chart of account to company code is mandatory.

Link to understand operational chart of account: http://sapconcepthub.com/chart-of-accounts-explained/



Field status variant

Field status variant is a collection of field status groups. Field status group refers to status of all fields which are available for input in document line item while document posting.

Field status variant is assigned to company code. All field status groups which belong to field status variant are available for assignment to GL master in company code. 

Field status group is assigned to general ledger account. When document is posted to a GL account, then fields behave as per their status in field status group.


Field status variant--> field status group--> fields with their status

field status variant

Screenshot showing few fields on left and corresponding status on right

Only few fields are shown in screenshot, there is huge list of fields in field status group.


Read about field status variant in detail: http://sapconcepthub.com/field-status-variant/


Without maintaining company code global setting, it is not possible to post any accounting document in the company code.