Understanding steps to execute F110 in sap

Below picture helps you understand the input screen of F110

F110 steps in sap

Let’s understand the steps needed to execute F110:

F110 parameter, proposal run, payment run

Input run id & run date and maintain parameters:

Below parameters need to be maintained

  • Posting date for the payment document (payment document will get posted with this posting date)
  • Select invoice document entered up to date (cutoff date up to which documents entered will be considered in payment run)
  • Company codes (list of company codes whose invoices are to be included in payment run)
  • Payment method (invoices with selected payment methods will be picked in payment run)
  • Expected date of next payment run
  • Vendors whose invoices are to be included in payment run
  • Select additional log if you want system to generate log when proposal run and payment run is executed. Log helps in analyzing and fixing the issue in case of any error.
  •  Maintain variant against program which are responsible for generation payment medium file and payment advice.


Proposal run

Proposal run is executed to check if there is any error. If there is any error then proposal log is analyzed to find out the root cause of the issue. Delete the proposal run→ fix the issue→ execute the proposal run again→ check of error. In case of error, analyze the proposal log, delete proposal run, fix error and again execute the proposal run.  


 Payment run

Once proposal run is free from any error, payment run is executed.

Payment document gets posted with posting date mentioned in parameter. Status of vendor invoices which are paid changes from open to cleared.

A mail is triggered to vendor’s mail id which has soft copy of payment advice attached.

Output payment medium file is generated and stored in a specific location on company’s server. This file is picked up by automated batch job program and sent to bank’s server for vendor payment. Once bank receives the payment file, bank pays to vendor as per data in payment file.