Fiscal year variant assignment to company code.

Fiscal year variant is used to supply below information to company code:

  • Start date and end date of financial year of accounting.
  • Number of normal posting periods and special posting periods.
  • Number of days in each posting period


How to create fiscal year variant

Fiscal year variant is defined as one of the below three

-Same as calendar year

-Different from calendar year and year independent

-Different from calendar year and year independent

fiscal year variant 3

Number of normal periods and special periods need to be specified in fiscal year variant

standard practice is to keep 12 normal periods and 4 special periods.

fiscal year variant


What is the difference between normal posting period and standard posting period?

Each month of the financial year corresponds to normal posting period.

After the end of the financial year, organizations need to post adjustments entries. Sap allows maximum 4 moths for posting adjustment entries in the books of the financial year. These extra months is referred as special periods.

fiscal year variant

                                                                  Fiscal year variant

When posting a document in special period, posting period can be from 13 to 16 but posting date must belong to last normal posting period of the financial year (1st March to 31st March).

Posting date in last posting period ensures that document belongs to financial year to be closed.

Sap does not allow document posting in special periods with posting date other than dates in the last normal posting period.

Above fiscal year variant can be configured in sap as shown below

year independent fiscal year varinat

1st April to 31st March

Year independent

12 normal and 4 special periods.

How to created fiscal year variant: step by step screenshots

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