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Getting into SAP industry is difficult and more difficult is to survive the competition.

For a fresher challenge is to get into sap industry.
For someone working as an end user in sap, challenge is to get into main stream consulting.
For a professional who is already working as sap consultant, challenge is to survive the competition and grow.

We help you overcome this challenge by empowering you with required knowledge and skill. Our training program is custom tailored to fulfill the objectives of trainee.
Having started my career as a non-IT professional and later on moving into sap industry has not been easy. I myself have undergone the challenges of learning sap from scratch. Later on I successfully cleared sap co certification.


Our training program is designed to maximize the learning.

I believe anyone can learn sap provided the person is ready to put efforts and proper guidance is provided. Proper guidance bridges the gap between efforts and learning. This is where Sap Concept Hub comes in. In our training program,topics are not just covered but concepts are understood. Our training program is designed to bridge the gap between efforts and learning.

Training program is divided into two phase: 

Phase 1 (Training): Trainer takes the lead and trainees follow the trainer.

phase 2 (project): Trainees take the lead and do the entire configuration under trainer's guidance. 


Sap concept store - Reference material in logical order to enhance learning 

Many trainees come to me asking for reference material which they can follow to learn SAP. Unfortunately I couldn't find a single website where sap concepts are presented in logical order. That's how idea of sap concept store was born. I decided to create depository of documents which can be referred by someone who wants to learn sap from scratch.

In sap concept store, concepts are explained with example. Moreover, other online documents/ videos of good quality are also referred wherever needed. Hence sap concept store offers you best of online contents in a logical order at one place.


At Sap Concept Hub, we train keeping in mind that our trainees are our brand ambassadors.

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