SAP ECC 6.0 is latest version of sap. What do you understand by ECC ?

In this article we are going to understand the meaning of term ECC often used with sap e.g. SAP ECC 6.0

In order to meet growing business needs SAP has kept upgrading its ERP software by adding advance functionalities, releasing upgrades, adding new modules to ERP, launching new applications which works around ERP and are meant to meet specific business needs, bringing in advance technologies for performance improvement.

SAP versions

Above diagram depicts how SAP has evolved with time.


In early 2000, SAP launched many other applications like CRM/ SRM/ SCM/ PLM/ HCM etc. which work around SAP ERP (considering ERP as central component). All the applications put together is called business suite and ERP is recognized as central component of SAP business suite.

SAP ECC stands for SAP Enterprise Central Component.


Net-weaver is a technological platform which enables integration of all applications.