What is the significance of tolerance group in SAP .


Below scenarios will help you understand the role of tolerance group


Scenario 1

An open item managed GL account is to be cleared e.g. account XYZ

XYZ account line item is posted with debit 100

XYZ account line item is posted with credit 98


We can see there is a difference of 2 (100-98).

Since the difference is small (immaterial), should these two line items be allowed to get cleared with each other. If yes then to which account this difference should be booked?

GL tolerance group in open item clearing

Different GL tolerance groups are defined using T code OBA0. GL tolerance group is assigned to individual GL account master data.

If tolerance group is left blank then by default these limit are applied to the entire open item managed GL account in the company code.

GL tolerance group

Scenario 2

For an employee, how much big value transaction he/she can post and how much discount he/she can offer depends on how senior the employee is. An employee at senior level may be authorized to post bigger transaction and give bigger discounts as compared to an employee at junior level.


When payment amount differs from invoice amount, then how much difference is acceptable?

How is the payment difference amount handled depends on whether the difference is immaterial (small) or material (big).

If difference is small then difference amount is treated as cash discount and posted to discount account.

If difference is bigger than discount limit then difference is posted to a different predefined account.


These amount limits are set in employee tolerance group using T code OBA4. Employee is assigned to employee tolerance group.

Employee tolerance group

Scenario 3

Employee is authorized to accept certain payment difference. But allowed payment difference depends not only upon employee’s authority but also on customer/ vendor. Each customer/ vendor is entitled for a certain maximum payment difference. That depends upon customer/ vendor reputation with the organization.


While deciding maximum allowed payment difference, lower of employee authority (employee tolerance) and customer/ vendor tolerance is considered.


Customer / vendor tolerance group is created by using T code OBA3. Tolerance group is maintained in customer/ vendor master data.

customer/ vendor tolerance group

So overall there are three types of tolerance groups defined in sap:

tolerance group in sap

These tolerance group play important role at various steps like open item clearing, customer / vendor invoice posting, invoice paymnet.

tolerance group in sap

Example to help you understand role of tolerance group better.

Customer invoiced for 100 but paid only 96.

tolerance group and payment difference

Whether payment difference of 4 is acceptable or not is decided by checking employee tolerance (assigned to employee) as well as customer tolerance (maintained in customer master).


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