What is technical/ functional specification document, RICEF?

When client raises a business required, before starting with solution development requirement has to be clearly defined and agreed between client and solution provider.


For solution development basically two questions need to be answered:

What to do? What is the requirement?

Functional consultant coordinates with client and prepares a document which clearly specifies business requirement in SAP terminology. The document specifies what functionality is required by business and hence this document is called functional specification document.

A function specification document might contain below:

Purpose of report/ requirement

Logic required to achieve end result

Table and fields that are to be used (data needed might be available under different tables and fields)

Input & output to be displayed


The functional specification document serves as base reference for solution development. Solution provider has to stick to functional specification document agreed with client.


Nice read to help you understand functional specification document:




 How to do? How feasible is the solution technically?

Standard sap functionality may not be able to fulfill business requirement hence solution development might need code development. Technical consultants (ABAP consultants) need to write codes. In order to understand the requirement, technical consultants refer to functional specification document prepared by functional consultant.

On the basis of functional specification, technical consultant (ABAP consultant) prepares document which answers the how part of solution in details. Since this document specifies technical details about how the solution is to be designed and hence is called technical specification document.

A technical specification might contain detailed flow diagram indicating flow of data from source to target (from where data has to be extracted and where data has to be stored).



Requirement presented by client can be categorized mainly into five categories

R -           Report:

I -            Interface:

C -           Conversion:

E -           Enhancement:

F -           Form:


Hence the document prepared by functional consultant (functional spec) and technical consultant (technical spec) is collectively called RICEF.


Nice video to help you understand what a functional specification is:





1. What other information might be present in a functional specification document? If business requirement changes then do we create a new version of functional specification.

2. Functional specification document is signed off by client. Is technical specification document also signed off? If yes, then who signs off (approves) a technical specification document?