What is transaction code (T code)? What is its use?

SAP has huge number of nodes which are meant to perform specific task/ activity. In order to perform a particular task/ activity, one has to reach the correct node by navigating through path. Navigation through menu is time consuming and hence short cuts are developed to reach to desired screen/ node. Here comes transaction code (T code).

Example: suppose a general ledger account needs to be created, then one has to navigate via. Menu path and reach to node ‘create centrally’.

T code

Instead of going through above path, once can simply use transaction code (T code) FS00.


SAP comes with large number of predefined T codes. Each T code takes you to a specific screen or program. Transaction code may be number or letters or a combination of both.

Custom T codes (not predefined by SAP) e.g. A new report is developed; business user has to follow the entire path to reach to report extraction screen. Now instead of going through the entire path, business user can simply use custom T code to reach to report extraction screen.

The name of custom T codes should always start with “Z”.  Let’s say a new program is developed then instead of using T code ‘abc_extract, T code should be ‘zabc_extract’. Z indicates that the program is customized and not a standard program.


Let’s understand the concept of T code with an example:

Consider a guest in your house opening TV to watch. Guest wants to watch ‘colors’ channel. Guest has to follow menu path which may be as below.

Main menu –>  channels –> entertainment –> colors

Navigation through menu is time consuming.

Guest can simply ask you channel number for colors. Here channel number takes you to desired screen while saving time & effort. Channel number is the short cut. Similarly in SAP, we use T codes to navigate.