What is SAP? Who are the competitors and where does sap stand in ERP market?

what is sap? Sap full form

SAP stands for Software Application Product real time data processing.

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Men/Money/Material/Machine/Time is main resources of an Enterprise. Real time coordination between departments is required to make optimum utilization of resources. Real time indicates sharing of information (event/transaction) to all the affected parties at same time and SAP achieves this by integrating various modules (departments). Departments coordinate real time over computer network.

Departments: Production/ Human resource/ Materials/ Sales/ Finance etc.

Real time data processing means as soon as an event/ transaction happens data is captured instantaneously and relevant information is updated to all affected parties simultaneously without any time delay.


Previously organizations were using multiple ERP. Different ERPs need to communicate with each other but interface between different ERP is not easy.  Hence interface issues were leading to manual activity and time wastage. No single ERP was robust enough to offer one fit for all departments. SAP eliminated need to have different ERPs by providing extensive integration between departments (modules).

SAP helps in achieving better customer satisfaction, Legal and management reporting, faster month-end/ year-end closing, Cost reduction etc.

Why SAP? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYCEQqSM08I


SAP competitors 

Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, People soft, Epicor, Baan, JD Edwards, Marshall etc

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