Withholding tax certificate printing

A withholding tax certificate can be printed for every transaction that involved withholding tax.

When accounting document involving withholding tax is posted in sap, withholding tax information along with other details of the transaction gets stored in database.


Below is needed for printing withholding tax certificate in sap:

Sap script form: 

Sap offers standard forms; custom forms can also be created and used


Program which can pull withholding tax information from database and populate in form, sap offers standard program for this purpose.

Certificate number:

Each & every printed certificate should have a unique number.



Configuration needed for selecting sap script form for printing certificate:

withholding-tax-certificate form

Sap script form is assigned to the combination of (company code + section code + withholding tax type + numbering group + section type).



Configuration needed for numbering of withholding tax certificate

Each & every printed withholding certificate should have a unique number.

Below picture explains how number is picked for certificate.

withholding-tax-certificate numbering